Therapy For College Students

There are few times in our lives where we face as many important crossroads as our first years of college.

There are so many decisions to make about where to live, whom to spend time with, what to major in, what career to begin to work towards, whom to date and what goals to have for one’s personal and professional future. All of this is happening at the same time that a person in their late teens or early twenties is trying to separate from their family of origin and become their own person. It can be difficult to know how to make these important decisions without guidance. Our peers can give us a sounding board but often are in as much confusion as we are! Our parents are, even though we may love them, the very same people we are trying to get some distance from. At a large university, our professors may not be available to us for a good mentoring relationship.

I have worked with many university students through the years and it is very apparent that counseling during this important phase of life helps students navigate difficult choices with more confidence. Problems like depression, anxiety, identity issues, social difficulties or even romantic problems can distract students from focusing on studies and cloud one’s judgment about what is the right path to pursue. Having an objective professional to listen, offer clarification and options, can be a great resource. <strong>Many adults have looked back and wished that they had more clarity and confidence during their early adult years, and therapy is an excellent way to offer that to young adults.</strong> It is easier to chart the right course now than to correct the wrong course later.

​If you are finding this time in your life overwhelming, stressful or confusing, you may want to consider counseling as a way to get some perspective and clarification on your situation.

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