Individual therapy for adults

  • Pre-marital counseling: 4-6 visits to map out your relationship dynamics, predict areas of potential future conflict and teach strategies to avert these conflicts and construct better skills for lifelong happiness.
  • Partner counseling: for couples already committed who are either struggling from various wounds (infidelity, parenting conflicts, problems with families of origin, sexual issues, lack of trust, communication issues and more). Counseling involves active coaching by Dr. Jordan to help couples create new and powerful experiences during each session that clear out old hurts and build strong and lasting new patterns of relating.
  • Counseling for dyads: such as adult children and their parents or adult siblings who have had challenges in their relationship and want help repairing and rebuilding bonds.

Individual assessment for adults, including

  • Personality assessments including using the MMPI-2
  • Therapeutic assessments
  • Pre-employment assessments including for police and fire academy candidates (including Fitness for Duty, L3 evaluations, TCLEOS evaluations/Texas Commission for Law Enforcement assessments)
  • Assessments for ADHD that are not school-related (such as adults wanting to confirm the diagnosis or consider treatment as an adult)

Individual Therapy for Children and Adolescents

  • Dr. Jamie Lewis offers therapy for children ages 4-17. For younger children play therapy can be an excellent tool for allowing kids to express their concerns and problems indirectly through play. For older children and adolescents talk therapy can be combined with activities such as art projects, walks outdoors or board games to remove the pressure of sitting and “just talking.”
  • Dr. Lewis also offers parent coaching for learning how to optimally parent children based on their neurological make-up, temperament and personality traits.

Consultation to medical practitioners, including

  • Pre-surgery evaluations (including gender-confirming or gender-re-assignment surgeries, gastric surgeries, spine surgeries, spinal cord stimulator implants and other elective surgeries).
  • Fertility interventions (egg donation and gestational surrogacy)
  • Post Rehab Therapy — should we write something about that here??

Public speaking engagements

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